2019/03/28 @ 14:00 UTC - Forum AMA With CCP Hellmar, CEO of CCP

We’re happy to announce that at 14:00 UTC on Thursday, March 28th, we’ll have an AMA with CCP Hellmar, CEO of CCP, right here on the official EVE Online forums.

The AMA will occur in a thread that will be set up closer to the time tomorrow, but we’ll also be collecting questions in advance too.

If you’d like to discuss the AMA or pose a question in advance for our CEO, then feel free to do so in this thread.

Only one rule - remember to keep it civil and within the forum rules, and we’ll be all good!

A short while after the AMA is over, CCP Hellmar will be appearing on Talking in Stations at 16:00 UTC to talk through some of the questions and answers.

You'll be able to tune in here, on the Talking In Stations Twitch channel.