Recruitment Program Changes - Triple The Skill Points For New Pilots!

One of the most important decisions new pilots need to make is how to start training and what skills to specialize in first.

We're super happy to announce that as of the April release tomorrow, this decision will become a little easier for rookie capsuleers, with a substantial increase in the Skill Point reward for joining via the Recruitment Program.

As of tomorrow, pilots who create an account via the recruitment program will receive three times as many Skill Points when they sign up!

This in an increase from 250,000 to 750,000 Skill Points!

There's nothing more we love than welcoming new pilots to New Eden, and hopefully this increase in initial training will further assist in making our new rookie capsuleers feel at home!

If you're reading this and are looking to sign up to fly with a friend, have them visit this page and create a recruitment invitation today. Likewise, if you're an experienced veteran who's looking to bring their friends into the fray, do the same and you can both earn awesome rewards!