Star Captain SKINs Return To The New Eden Store!

We're delighted to announce that Star Captain SKINs have returned to the New Eden Store and are now available on more hulls than ever before!

If you're feeling like showing off red white and blue this weekend, then these SKINs are now available at up to 60% discount in the New Eden Store, as well as in bundles that offer even more discount, up to an additional 20%!

These SKINs will remain in the New Eden Store through until downtime on July 11th.

In addition to this, a number of SKIN lines have been rotated into the New Eden Store for the summer before they're retired, these include:

  • EOM
  • Steel Cardinal
  • Octopus Red Flight
  • Serpentis
  • Valklear Glory

Screenshot-Store-Image1 1920x1080

Screenshot-Store-Image3 1920x1080

Screenshot-Store-Image2 1920x1080