Season Of Skills - 3 Months Of Omega With $1 MCT Offer!

Summer is here (unless you live in Iceland) and the time has never been better to take a look at your skill plan, decide what you want to specialize in and start planning for the future. This is especially true right now given the unpredictable nature of New Eden.

As part of a series of events that we'll be running over the Summer months, we're now offering pilots the chance to grab three months of Multiple Character Training for just $1 / €1 / £1 / RUB 29 when you buy 3 months of omega time.

This offer will be available through until downtime (11:00 UTC) on July 17, so if you want to grab it and get in some super-cheap extra training over the course of the summer for one of your characters, be sure to hit the EVE Online website to find out more.

You can take advantage of this deal on Account Management here!