Skilling Spree Speed Run - The Results!

Back at the start of August, we kicked off the Skilling Spree Speed Run contest, a three-stage contest that ran during the Season of Skills to test the reactions and trigger fingers of pilots across the cluster.

It was a crazy contest that saw the return of the fabled nanophoon (my shrivelled old pirate heart warmed a little <3) and some inventive fits for Moas, Stabbers, Rifters and Slashers along the way.

Surprisingly, there was even a Hyperion in there!

We had a surprising number of entries over the course of the three weeks it was running, and we’re now ready to reveal the results for all three stages and award some prizes!

Firstly, let’s have a reminder of the prizes...

The prizes for all three stages are the same, ranked in order of fastest time:

  • 1st Place - 1,500,000 Skill Points
  • 2nd Place - 1,000,000 Skill Points
  • 3rd Place - 500,000 Skill Points
  • Honorable Mention - 250,000 Skill Points

As per the rules, timing is of course at CCP’s discretion and we reserve the right to nullify the time of any pilot that we feel is attempting to score the fastest run using tactics considered to be outside the realms of normal gameplay.

With all that out of the way, let’s look at the winners!

Stage One!

The task for stage one focused on frigate class hulls:

Undock, find and kill one NPC in the fastest time possible while flying any Tech I, non-faction frigate class hull.

Our winners are:

  • First Place – Rodger Kint – Rifter – 11.96 Seconds.
  • Second Place – bruce destro – Slasher – 12.42 Seconds.
  • Third Place – Malice Redeemer – Slasher – 13.19 Seconds.

Our honorable mention for stage one goes to Buck Warbash, who submitted half a dozen entries and improved every single time but didn’t make it into the top three. He managed to take the sixth position slot and will be awarded 250,000 skillpoints for his tenacity and commitment to blowing shit up!

Great stuff, and thanks for all your efforts to become faster and faster as the week rolled on!

Stage Two!

The task for stage two switched to cruiser class hulls:

Undock, find and kill one NPC in the fastest time possible while flying any Tech I, non-faction cruiser class hull.

Our winners are:

  • First Place – Tyr Citlali – Moa – 15.16 Seconds.
  • Second Place – Captain Crinkle – Stabber – 15.23 Seconds.
  • Third Place – Unbless83 – Stabber – 16.35 Seconds.

Our stage two honorable mention goes to Boris Kartoffel who overall “technically” managed the fastest time with 8.97 seconds. This was deemed to be invalid as it was utilizing a combination of logging out and into the EVE client, along with utilizing gang warps during session changes to take advantage of travel during black screens.

This is more of a dishonourable mention to be honest but thumbs up for thinking WAY outside the box – and outside the EVE client in some ways, we suppose. Boris earns 250,000 skillpoints for reminding us that there’s always strange, ass-backwards and inventive ways that EVE players will use to try and bend the rules.

Stage Three!

The task for stage three progressed to battleship class hulls:

Undock, find and kill one NPC in the fastest time possible while flying any Tech I, non-faction battleship class hull.

Our winners are:

  • First Place – Tyr Citlali – Hyperion – 16.97 Seconds.
  • Second Place – Rodger Kint – Typhoon – 18.29 Seconds.
  • Third Place – Lady Aja – Typhoon – 28.73 Seconds.

Our honorable mention for stage three goes to Xeromus Plague, who was the only pilot to compete in all three stages and make it toward the top end of the leaderboards in all three.

A pretty sweet achievement showing a lot of dedication to theory crafting and optimizing fits. Great stuff – he wins 250,000 skill points for his ingenuity!

Prize Delivery

All prizes will be paid out within the next 48 hours and the pilots who’ve won will be able to find their skill points in their unallocated skill point pools.

We’d like to thank everyone who took part for submitting their videos, and of course we’d like to thank all those who decided to try and bend the rules as much as possible for the laughs, the head scratching, the confusion and the raised eyebrows as we went through the entries to work out who’d won.

Awesome stuff, thanks for taking part and keep your eyes on this news feed for more contests in future!