Black Friday PLEX offers, SKIN sales and in-game tax reduction!

Hello, Pilots,

Black Friday means savings, and New Eden is no exception! As of today, you can save 15% on selected PLEX packages - specifically the 1100, 2860, 7430 and 15,400 packs - until 11:00 UTC on 3 December!

In addition to that, you will also get some awesome free SKINs with the 2860, 7430 and 15,400 PLEX packages, including the Sariel's Flame SKIN for the Dramiel and the King's Ransom Luecin and King's Ransom Darouen SKINs for the Rattlesnake. The 15,400 PLEX pack will also include the Sarpati's Revenge - Virge SKIN for the Vindicator and the Shakim Warlord SKIN for the Ragnarok.

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You can also get up to 50% off selected SKINs in EVE Online's New Eden Store as part of Black Friday! The sale ends at 11:00 UTC on 3 December, so make sure you check out all the available discounts and add those desired SKINs to your collection in time:

  • Damavik Blackfire Steel SKIN
  • Kikimora Blackfire Steel SKIN
  • Vedmak Blackfire Steel SKIN
  • Rodiva Blackfire Steel SKIN
  • Zarmazd Blackfire Steel SKIN
  • Drekavac Blackfire Steel SKIN
  • Leshak Blackfire Steel SKIN
  • Blackfire Heavy Raider Bundle
  • Blackfire Raid & Repair Bundle
  • Succubus True Deliverance SKIN
  • Phantasm True Deliverance SKIN
  • Nightmare True Deliverance SKIN
  • Revenant True Deliverance SKIN
  • True Deliverance Bundle
  • Gila Abyssal Expedition Bundle
  • Confessor Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Apocalypse Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Apocalypse Navy Issue Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Armageddon Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Armageddon Navy Issue Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Redeemer Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Revelation Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Apostle Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Aeon Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Avatar Lavacore Imperial SKIN
  • Imperial Flame Bundle - 3 For 2!
  • Jaguar In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Wolf In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Sabre In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Svipul In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Muninn In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Loki In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Hurricane In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Hurricane Fleet Issue In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Sleipnir In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Vargur In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Naglfar In Rust We Trust SKIN
  • Hel In Rust We Trust SKIN

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For this weekend only, you can also enjoy the Black Friday Tax Haven! There will be a big reduction in sales tax on New Eden's regional market, so it's the perfect time to sell some of the PLEX you have in your PLEX Vault, or any other item on the market! Please check below to see the exact sales tax that will be applied based on your Accounting Skills:

  • Level 0: 2.5%
  • Level 1: 2.225%
  • Level 2: 1.95%
  • Level 3: 1.675%
  • Level 4: 1.4%
  • Level 5: 1.125%

The tax reduction starts 11:00 UTC on Friday 29 November and ends 11:00 UTC on Monday 2 December, so get trading!