Tranquility has been rebooted and is now up and open for business

During the downtime today we upgraded our proxy layer. This created a few issues we've been working hard to solve. The solution requires us to reboot Tranquility in one hour at approximately 21:40 GMT. We expect to have the problem solved and the server back up about half an hour after the reboot, approximately 22:10 GMT.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your patience while we fix this issue.

Update: We're expecting the reboot to take another 10-15 minutes, new ETA would be about 22.25 GMT, the fixes we had planned are applied though, and everything looks good so far.

Another update: Unfortunately we got a startup loop, we're going to try starting up again. This time with more hamsters and they all had an extra dose of caffeine.

And another one: Tranquility is now up and open for business, we will be throttling the connections for few minutes or until the database has recovered from everyone logging in at the same time.