Who will be the first Capsuleer to reach Thera?

Immediately after EVE’s extended downtime on December 9th and the deployment of Rhea, every single EVE player will be able to find wormhole entrances to the 101 new shattered wormhole systems including the mysterious and unique system of Thera.

o7: The EVE Online Show is looking for the first Capsuleer to reach Thera on Tranqulity, so that we can give you a well-deserved salute on air. We will be quietly monitoring the local chat channel in the Thera system, and the first player to type the message “Hello Thera!” in that local channel will receive a shoutout on the next o7 broadcast on Thursday, December 11th.

Do you have what it takes to race your fellow players to the new frontier? If so, we’ll see you in Thera!