Abyssal Proving Grounds – An Assault Frigate First | EVE Online

Abyssal Proving Grounds – An Assault Frigate First

2021-03-26 - Por EVE Online Team

Brace yourselves, Capsuleers,

Assault frigates are invited to the Abyssal Proving Grounds for -player FFA combat for the first time! The Abyssal Proving Grounds will be open for this very special round

Introducing the power and durability of assault frigates to free-for-all combat will see some of the most distinct and exciting battles yet to take place in the Proving Grounds.

For this round the permitted hulls are the Retribution, Vengeance, Harpy, Hawk, Enyo, Ishkur, Wolf, and Jaguar.

Limitations for this round are:

  • Modules limited to meta level 5 and below
  • No pirate implants

Want to be part of this adrenaline pumping EVE Online Then gather your Proving Filaments and prepare for combat of a kind previously unseen in the Abyssal Proving Grounds! As ever, you’ll be able to track Capsuleer performance in the Proving Grounds via the leaderboards.