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Alliance Tournament V : Day Six : The Final

2008-03-09 - Por Svarthol

Welcome to Day Six of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here is the result and review of the final match of the day.

The Final

Match 95: Ev0ke Vs Triumvirate.

It was an absolutely epic clash in the final, with both teams coming out hard and going blow for blow, right down to the last ship.

Ev0ke: Harbinger | Curse | 6 Ruptures | Vigil
Triumvirate.: 3 Megathrons | Caldari Navy Hookbill | 2 Maulus | 4 Griffins

Early on in the fight Ev0ke sent a swarm of ECM over towards Triumvirate., looking as if they would trouble them from the beginning as they started to drop TRI support rapidly. As with their match previously however, TRI hung on with what support remained and stabilized themselves, keeping four frigates alive for as long as possible. The Harbinger and one Rupture of Ev0ke’s were the next to drop as TRI wrestled the advantage back in their favor.

Time took its toll on both teams with Ev0ke at one point down to 5 Ruptures, a Curse and Vigil as they removed the last of the TRI support. It was a battle of capacitor warfare and cruiser damage against the might of three Megathrons, and it was never clear which way it would go as both teams exchanged ship losses for ship kills in a dogged slugfest. By the time Ev0ke had taken another Megathron down, they had lost 3 Ruptures of their own.

It was a hair-rising last minute performance from the Ev0ke Curse and Rupture pilots, flanked by their Vigil. Together they worked down the 2nd Megathron, removing it from the field as only one final Rupture remained. The Curse had by now strangled the remaining TRI Megathron, and it struggled to fight any further as the singular remaining Rupture continued to slug away, all with slight hull damage, no armor and no shield.

It was a heroic fight down to the last of the ships, with individual pilots dictating the fate of their whole teams as more and more of their comrades fell beside them. Ev0ke ultimately held however, showing they have the skill to take on the very best and win.

The Fifth Alliance Tournament Champion is **Ev0ke**

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