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Ammatar Scientist downed in Huola system

2008-07-23 - Por Svarthol

Dresen Karnell, an Ammatar scientist loyal to the Amarr Empire, was attempting to flee capture in the Minmatar Republic and return to the Amarr Empire when his craft was attacked and shot down in the Huola system.

Prior to the Minmatar Invasion, Karnell served aboard an Ammatar Navy vessel conducting experiments of high importance to the Amarr Empire. During the invasion his crew mutinied, forcing the scientist to disguise himself as a sympathizer in order to evade imprisonment. A day ago, he commandeered a shuttle and attempted a return to the Empire.

However, while traveling through Huola, Karnell's ship was attacked by unknown hostiles. With his vessel heavily damaged, he was forced to make an emergency landing on a moon in system. 24th Crusade commanders have confirmed they received a distress call from the missing scientist only hours ago.

Rescue operations for Karnell are currently impossible while the Minmatar Republic retains space superiority in Huola. The moon Karnell landed on is habitable, yet inhospitable. Current estimates of his supplies suggest he can remain at his crash site for one to two weeks before he runs out of food and water.

The rescue of Dresen Karnell has been designated as a high priority task for the 24th Crusade. Militia command has recommended that current resources be diverted towards the recapture of Huola from Minmatar Republic occupancy as soon as possible.