Announcing the Summer of Streams | EVE Online

Announcing the Summer of Streams

2022-07-05 - Por EVE Online Team

Curious Capsuleers,

A packed summer schedule awaits you in EVE Online as the Summer of Streams begins! From now through until September there will be plenty of new official streams, dev blogs, and Q&A’s for you to get stuck into!

Dozens of CCP devs will be doing deep dives into all sorts of topics from Photon UI to updates from Team Security and the state of Factional Warfare. You’ll find those dev blogs here on EVE News and the streams over on CCPTV . You can also follow us on EVE’s official Twitter to stay up to date on upcoming Q&A sessions that will be happening throughout the summer. Be sure to get your questions ready!

The first of the dev blogs titled EVE Evolved: Tech, Audio & Visual Evolution Dev Blog is already out and goes into depth about all the tech that is continually evolving EVE.

The rest of the July schedule is as follows:

Week of 11-17 July:

  • Team Security: 2021 in Review Dev Blog
  • EVE Events & Minmatar Liberation Day CCPTV Stream

Week of 18-24 July:

  • Security Q&A on Discord
  • EVE x Star Citizen Lego Buildoff CCPTV Stream

Week of 25-31 July:

  • EVE Player Data Dev blog and CCPTV Stream

Much more will be coming throughout August and beyond so stay tuned and stay up to date.

Topics Upcoming in August:

  • State of the Union: Factional Warfare & Frontlines
  • Retrospective on the Siege Green update
  • EVE Evolved: UI past, present & future
  • Status of the First Arc & Narrative Driven Development
  • Embracing New Players: What have we learned and what lies ahead

Get ready for a Summer of Streams where you’ll learn more about the past, present, and future of New Eden!