Community Beat for 2 November | EVE Online

Community Beat for 2 November

2022-11-04 - Por EVE Online Community Team

Salutations spacefriends and welcome to another Community Beat.

Its been a hectic couple of weeks since the last Community Beat so without further ado lets jump in and see whats been happening.

Faruzen en Divalone : First Myrmidon Navy Issue Killed

It's not often that an opportunity arises to be the first at something in EVE Online, let alone document that achievement.

On 15th October the Myrmidon Navy Issue ship named 'Spirit of Serthoulde' belonging to Faruzen en Divalone was destroyed. This represents the first loss of a Myrmidon Navy Issue since they were introduced late last month.

At the time of its demise the ship had 15 killmarks in the service of the Gallente Federation. Check out its final moments in this video captured by Luka Zaharin.

Pyfa Modification (Darkmode Theme)

The hugely popular ship fitting tool Python Fitting Assistant (Pyfa), created by Kadesh Priestess and Sable Blitzmann, has received a dark mode theme courtesy of Eibon Ravnsborg.

The arrival of this dark mode mod to coincide with the explosion of the sun in the Turnur system is purely coincidental.

Operation Magic School Bus Fundraiser

The end of November marks the 8 year anniversary of Mike Azariah running 'Operation Magic School Bus'. Mike visits career agent systems and distributes fully fitted frigates and cruisers to players who have been in-game for less than 30 days.

It's a heroic effort by Mike Azariah and takes a significant amount of ISK to run. He is asking for donations to help continue this awesome initiative. Find out how to donate and help new players on this Reddit post.

Critical Effect’s Public Wormhole PVE Fleet

Back by popular demand! This coming Sunday (November 6th) at 16:00 UTC Critical Effect corporation will be welcoming new players and veterans into a public fleet where you can learn about PvE in wormholes. Be prepared to dive into a Class 3 wormhole for some fleet ratting.

Full details can be found on the forums, drop into their public in-game channel 'Critical Public PVE' or check out this video of a past fleet.

Best of luck to everyone jumping into the unknown.

Until next time!

o7 <3