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Stream Dream Teams 2

2021-04-09 - Por CCP Convict

Last year we held a special livestream event when the Proving Grounds were introduced to New Eden called Stream Dream Teams which saw CCP devs team up with EVE streamers to take on all comers in the abyssal arena.

With The Hunt currently taking place in New Eden and a special team-based Proving Grounds format on the cards we figured it was time to go again with Stream Dream Teams 2!

On Saturday, 10 April at 18:00 UTC teams of streamers and devs will be hitting the Proving Grounds. You can tune into watch the explosions on Twitch or gather up your own spacefriends and come looking for us!

Confirmed teams are:

Check out your favourite streamer at the links above or if you can't decide where to begin you can use the multistream link to see where the action is happening.

See you on Twitch (or in the arena!)