Streamlining Early Skill Plans | EVE Online

Streamlining Early Skill Plans

2021-11-23 - Por EVE Online Team

Budding Capsuleers,

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve the new player experience, some small changes have been made to career agents and new player Skill Plans. This includes the renaming of career agent paths to be cohesive with the four main career paths in EVE and as outlined in EVE Academy.

The new names are as follows:

  • Enforcer (was Military)
  • Soldier of Fortune (was Advanced Military)
  • Explorer
  • Industrialist - Producer (was Industry)
  • Industrialist - Entrepreneur (was Business)

In addition to being renamed for clarity, each career agent will offer a new Skill Plan pulling from the initial skills available for new Capsuleers, so your corresponding empire skill plan for each career agent comes at no cost to you. These beginner Skill Plans give you a grounding in the skills needed to thrive when embarking on the adventures provided by the relevant Career Agent.

The Skill Plans are accessible from the description panel for each career agent as well as in the skill plan interface. As another stepping stone towards the adventures that await in New Eden, these changes will streamline the process of growing as a Capsuleer.