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What’s Happening in EVE?

2022-11-25 - Por EVE Online Team

Industrious capsuleers,

Ever since the Uprising expansion went live on 8 November, there’s been a lot happening and a lot to do in New Eden. Factional Warfare activity has significantly increased, the arrival of new capsuleer communities in New Eden has been celebrated, new settings for EVE’s trusty overview have entered testing, Black Friday offers have gone live, and you can participate and benefit from absolutely all of that and more this weekend!


Following the release of Uprising, Factional Warfare (FW) has heated up with over 5,300 new pilots enrolling in faction militia groups to participate! As a result of increased FW activity, the map of New Eden has changed – and continues to change – based on player activity. Whether Alpha or Omega, recruitment drives have been active across the cluster, with players of all experience levels being employed across a variety of activities.

With the updated ship restrictions on the various capture sites, all sides are testing new ships to find the right balance. The all-new Battlefield sites are creating exciting challenges as pilots rush to cash in on incredibly lucrative rewards. There's a role for everyone, from frigate to battleship - so there's time to join up! If PvP isn't your thing, there are new exploration sites with valuable components necessary for the war effort. Miners, haulers, and industrialists of all types are needed to keep the war machines running and the supply lines equipped!

Join up to support your faction, add to the 15,000+ kills and 490+ billion ISK destroyed in FW so far since Uprising launched, make new connections, and take part in the ever-changing landscape of New Eden as empires wage war, invade systems, and harvest new technology. Who knows what they'll use this cutting-edge technology for, but in New Eden there's always a profit to be made in something new!

If you're hesitant about going at it on your own, there are a long line of player corporations ready to recruit you! Head on over to the EVE Online Discord and see what will be the best fit for your playstyle.


Having celebrated the Spanish-speaking capsuleer community of New Eden on 22 November with CCPTV streams, fleet roams, and a fireworks extravaganza at Jita 4-4, you can continue to bask in the revelry by claiming daily login rewards such as an exclusive new capsule SKIN, many thousands of Skill Points (up to 245,000 for Omega pilots!), fireworks, and more SKINs for the new navy issue ships until 1 December!


EVE Online has new overview settings for you to try on the Singularity test server now, including a new default overview based on the popular Z-S Overview Pack, and long-anticipated multiple overview settings as part of the ongoing Photon UI improvements being made! The Photon UI updates also include settings for window margin size, updated security colors, and an auto UI scaling option. Be sure to check out the Photon UI blog for full details.


Hugely popular last year, the 4-player Prophecy FFA Abyssal Proving Grounds event returns for this Thanksgiving weekend, so there's no better way to celebrate than to load up a hefty space turkey and generously dispense firepower upon your fellow capsuleers! This event begins at 11:00 UTC on 25 November, and runs until 11:00 UTC on 28 November. Check out the full details on rules and restrictions for this event, then tuck in!


Have you checked out the upgraded Upwell hangars in EVE yet? You can experience the audio and visual immersion of the new Upwell hangar environments from any number of public access citadels across all of New Eden, including highsec systems adjacent to popular trade hubs!


The annual AUTZ EVE player get together is happening this weekend between 25– 27 November at the State Library of Melbourne, featuring a chat by CCP Larrikin at 13:30 AEST on 26 November. Make sure you get yourself there if you’re local – or even if you’re not – for the meet & greet, EVE trivia, player presentations, AMAs, and of course a pub crawl! Grab a ticket now if you haven’t already.


Head to the EVE Store from today until 28 November and you´ll find all Omega packs at 20% off with free navy battlecruiser SKINs & Dramiel Sariel's Flame SKIN included with select Omega packs. If you already have any Omega time active, the Omega you get in the packs will extend your time by the purchased amount. In addition, the in-game New Eden Store is offering 50% off pirate Hex SKIN bundles and 60% off the Redclaw Sable Bundle which includes 7 SKINs. Act fast and take advantage of these blazing offers!

Whether you’re fleeting up for factional supremacy, testing the new overview features on Singularity, logging in for valuable Skill Points and new SKINs, hitting the Proving Grounds, meeting up down under, or just admiring your ships in an Upwell hangar, this weekend has got something exciting for all capsuleers to participate in. Let the hostilities commence!