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Living in Wormhole Space

For some, "daytripping" into wormhole space simply isn't enough. Instead, many Capsuleers have taken to living full time inside of an ever drifting wormhole, disconnected from New Eden and the safety of CONCORD. Accomplishing this goal usually means working together with other pilots in a corporation to anchor an Upwell structure and fill it with supplies to survive extended periods without a route to trade hubs such as Jita 4-4. Combining your scanning with others to build temporary maps of the surrounding wormhole systems is also vital, making scanners invaluable to any wormhole organization.

Pilots may choose to live full time in wormhole space for a variety of reasons, though it's often for easy access to exploration and combat sites worth more ISK than almost anywhere else. That's not to say that wormhole space isn't dangerous once you have friends, though. The lack of usual in-game intel and the easy access to regions anywhere in the universe make it an exciting and unique environment for pilots interested in PvP.

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