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Minmatar Republic, Thukker Tribe Launch Joint Manhunt

2009-09-14 - 作者 Svarthol

Pator - The Republic Justice Department announced a manhunt spanning the Republic and the Great Wildlands for fugitive Baliggan Krullefor. Also assisting in this search are the Republic Security Services and Republic Fleet, as well as a force of Thukker search teams.

"We are happy to stand side-by-side with our Thukker friends in this matter of security," said Achimand Skulada, a representative of  the Justice Department. "It goes a long way to show that the tribes stand united under a common law."

"The Thukker Tribe does not condone the acts of Krullefor or his gang of criminals. We assist the Republic's forces in this manhunt out of concern for the safety of all Minmatar," commented Alfrald Enstulf,  commander of Internal Security for Thukker Mix. The commander also stated that Thukker search parties will be active throughout the border constellations between the Great Wildlands and Republic space.

When asked about the planned timeframe of the manhunt, Skulada said that he was "confident that Krullefor will be in custody within two weeks."

Crime Lord Baliggan Krullefor - former head of the Thukker Krullefor Family - escaped from a maximum security prison in the Hroduko system two days ago, having served 19 years of a life sentence for numerous felonies.