Alliance Tournament XVI Begins At 14:00 UTC! | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament XVI Begins At 14:00 UTC!

2018-07-28 - 작성자 CCP Falcon

At 14:00 UTC today, the first shots of the Sixteenth Alliance Tournament will be fired in anger.

The alliances, the hero pilots and the tactics you know and love are all back for the sixteenth incarnation of the contest that will see a bloodbath for the most coveted title in New Eden.

The stage is set, and right now across the cluster, gladiators from Feythabolis to Fade are preparing for a four weekend, seven day long combat extravaganza.

Both grizzled veterans of the tournament scene and starry eyed newcomers alike, will fight it out for the ultimate title - Alliance Tournament Champions.

Broadcasted live across the stars by our friends at Plus 10 Gaming from their studio in the UK, and refereed from CCP headquarters in Iceland, the spectacle begins in a mere matter of hours.

Join us live this afternoon, starting from 13:45 UTC for day one of Alliance Tournament XVI.

More information on the tournament, the prizes, the brackets and the participants can be found in this Dev Blog.