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Caldari Corporation Announces Major Technological Advance

2007-11-15 - 작성자 Svarthol

New Caldari - For the second time in as many weeks, agile technology research firm Itsukame Innovations has thrust itself into the spotlight in the Caldari tech sector. Noted for their recent poaching of high-profile researcher Dr. Grant Arataka from the Lai Dai Corporation, Itsukame made headlines again today with an exciting press release. Hentainnen Suuvosa, spokeswoman for Itsukame Innovations announced today that her corporation had made a major breakthrough in the field of wormhole technology. "Itsukame has pioneered and perfected the use of unstable wormholes for transport purposes. We expect to revolutionize the way in which corporations are able to transport ships across significant distances." Somewhat coy when pressed for details, Miss Suuvosa would only add that this new advancement in technology would bring the capability of the supercapital-sized mobile jump-bridge to a battleship-sized platform, radically reducing the costs of production and deployment.

Due to the nature and the probable uses to which such an advancement will be put, Itsukame's new invention has been classed as a military technology by the Secure Commerce Commission. As such, it falls under the auspices of CONCORD Directive Alpha Gamma 12, a clause in the CONCORD agreement designed to maintain arms technology parity between the signatories to the Yulai Treaty. An outgrowth of the political firestorm resulting from the Jovians' sharing of capsule technology exclusively with Ishukone, the Directive seeks to ensure that advances capable of tipping the delicate balance of power are shared, yet the developers of said technologies can still turn a tidy profit from licensing fees. At this stage, Itsukame Innovations is set to enter negotiations with the SCC Patent Office in order to ensure that the technology is not an infringement of existing patents. Should the work prove to be non-derivative, Itsukame will be able to set its own asking price for licenses to manufacture this new technology. Kaalakiota and Roden Shipyards have both already expressed interest.

In a public statement shortly following the Itsukame announcement, Hien Karnuras, Chief Financial Officer of the Caldari Chief Executive Panel expressed enthusiasm about Itsukame's latest revelation. "I think that this shows that the Caldari State continues to lead the way in the pioneering of new technologies. This kind of innovation is good for the Caldari economy, and capitalizing upon these successes builds significant value for our citizen-shareholders." When asked whether the Chief Executive Panel Bureau would be involved in the patent negotiations, Karnuras added "Of course the CEP will do everything we can to support Itsukame's bid for exclusive patent rights. Doing so is clearly in the State's best interest."

The SCC patent investigation and verification period is expected to take several weeks.