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Caldari Providence Directorate Offers Access to Training for Former Slaves

2009-01-07 - 작성자 Svarthol

New Caldari – A fast-track program of training for former slaves electing to remain resident in the Amarr Empire was announced today by Director Suvasemi Aikinen of the Caldari Providence Directorate. This special access for emancipated slaves in the Empire was arranged as part of the recently announced Caldari-Amarr Economic Stimulus Agreement (CAESA).

"The Caldari people welcome the emancipation of hundreds of millions of slaves by Her Majesty Jamyl I, and we wish to assist in making their new lives as citizens of the Amarr Empire as satisfying and productive as possible," said Director Aikinen. "To that end, under the terms of CAESA, Providence Directorate training courses will be available to former slaves who choose to take up residence in the Amarr Empire. We are working with the Empire and Interbus to organize transport at substantial discounts."

"In addition, we are making available a number of our experienced trainers for secondment to training institutions within the Empire as part of an exchange of experts," continued Director Aikinen. "We anticipate that Caldari citizens will benefit from Amarr expertise in a number of areas, just as Amarr citizens, new and old, will benefit from our special areas of excellence."

Director Aikinen made no reference to legal difficulties that would make a program of training slaves who have not been freed practically impossible within the Caldari State. Caldari opposition to slavery remains deep-rooted at both a legal and cultural level, a viewpoint which has resulted in some tension between the State and the Empire in the past. Analysts believe the emancipation of the 9th generation slaves will significantly ease these tensions and allay concerns among some Caldari citizens.