Curious Clash in the Proving Grounds! | EVE Online

Curious Clash in the Proving Grounds!

2022-01-22 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Curious Capsuleers,

Dive into an anomalous arena and clash against your fellow Capsuleers in a special single-day Proving Ground event! Rush into frantic free-for-all combat aboard tech 1 exploration frigates within an arrangement of strange effect beacons, seen across New Eden in sites from the Interstellar Convergence! This event begins at 1100 UTC on 22 January, and runs for exactly 24 hours.

The ruleset is as follows:

  • Only the Heron, Imicus, Magnate, and Probe exploration frigates can enter the arena
  • Convergent Accelerant and Decelerant Nexuses will be present in large quantities throughout this special Proving Ground
  • 100% bonus to turret damage
  • 100% bonus to the effects of overheating turrets, missile launchers, tackle modules, repair modules, resistance modules, repair modules, and energy warfare modules
  • Remote sensor dampeners cannot be fitted
  • Fittings and implants restricted to Meta Level 0 (base tech 1 only)

Gather your Proving Ground filaments (found in Abyssal Deadspace caches, in Triglavian wrecks in Pochven, or on the in-game market), fit up your exploration frigates, and prepare to clash in curious combat while the Interstellar Convergence continues to commence beyond the confines of the Abyss, climbing the Proving Grounds leaderboards, making your mark in the minds of Capsuleers across New Eden, and earning special rewards!