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EVE CSS post patch status report

2005-07-06 - 작성자 Svarthol

We are pleased to announce that the Cold War Edition deployment seems to have gone smoothly in most ways. Of course, a patch of this size will bring a flood of questions from the playerbase, although we have certainly seen worse. Minor (and not so minor) issues were reported and have, in most cases, already been fixed.

That said, we are still backed up and our answering times have unfortunately suffered because of that. Our email incident queue now numbers around 1300 seperate cases, which will have to be processed and answered according to policy. Average answering time is just under three days, but we are hopeful that it will not rise any higher and with a little luck, we hope to be back to normal within days. Answering times for ingame petitions are still within our standard time of one hour.

The most common problems reported after the patch are visual/UI bugs, most of which can be fixed by deleting the contents of the 'cache' folder, located in the EVE directory on your hard drive. Remember to save your 'Settings' folder, if you want to save the bookmark folders you have set up. You must be logged out of the game for this to work.

I want to ask those of you waiting for a reply from support to not file multiple emails or petitions about the same subject. We will answer everyone and having to do it twice will only increase the waiting period for everyone. Thank you for your patience and understanding.