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Eveisreal.net is now live

2011-07-21 - 작성자 Svarthol

The EVE player experience museum is now live at www.eveisreal.net. This is our multi-purpose EVE memory repository and social sharing hub. It’s hard to put into words how meaningful the player creates stories/videos/images are. They prove that to many people EVE is very much real and part of their lives. The amount of love and insanity that goes into these creations is not something you’ll see often, as one server and one community means all kinds of weird and amazing things occur and get documented.

There are also incentives and contests to supplement it. Sharing your favorite moments will move the community closer and closer to unlocking a giant amount of Aurum for everyone to sample the NeX Store at their leisure. The contest portion is accepting entries now through August 18, with voting through September 1 to follow immediately thereafter. The first unlock is for the entire playerbase. Seriously,  somewhere near 107,000 PLEX worth of Aurum.

So take a few minutes and poke around the EVE is Real site, maybe relive a cool moment from the history of EVE or make and post one of your own. For more detailed information, please check out this forum thread.