Glorious Battleships & Bolstered Bulkheads now live! | EVE Online

Glorious Battleships & Bolstered Bulkheads now live!

2022-03-15 - 작성자 EVE Online Team


The changes to the beloved battleships of EVE are now live in-game, improving their mobility and survivability on the battlefield. A new role bonus has been added to all empire, faction, marauder, and black ops battleships (apart from the Praxis) which increases the effectiveness of armor plates by 50%, and bumps shield extenders by 100%. In addition, a +5% additive bonus to the hull hitpoint bonus from reinforced bulkheads has been incorporated to strengthen a battleship’s ability to hull tank. Lastly, large micro jump drive fitting requirements have also been reduced substantially.

Speaking of battleships, many scintillating SKINs for this class of vessel will be on sale between 8-16 March in EVE Online’s New Eden Store, including examples from the Eden’s Hunters, Ghost’s Hex, Vampire’s Hex, and Steel Cardinal SKIN lines to name but a few. Gotta stay sharp to look sharp!

A week from the update, battleships have been the official cause of death for 2.6 million NPCs, and they have fired over 8.6 million shots in PvP fights in the same time period!


In an update to the changes introduced with Surgical Strike in 2020, resistance modules which had their resistances lowered by that update have now had half the resistances they lost returned. This has been done so that Capsuleers can enjoy the best of both worlds, worlds where force auxiliaries will still be vulnerable and combat can still be longer and more tactical. The benefits will be felt far and wide, by wormholers, Lowsec pilots, and small-medium gangs (and solo fighters) generally.

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