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GrieferGeddon Offers Solace to Miners

2011-03-20 - 작성자 Svarthol

Rens, Heimatar – GrieferGeddon, the anti-Hulkageddon event, has concluded with an increase in participation and interest.

The continued successes of Hulkageddon has caused many industrialists and miners across New Eden to stay docked up during the event for fear of loss of their mining barge. Mechanoid Kryten, founder of GrieferGeddon created the counter-event so that miners could feel a little safer while conducting their work.

For the event, Mechanoid Kryten gathered more than 5 billion worth of ISK and prizes to award participants who spend their time killing those that are targeting mining barges for Hulkageddon. The event attracted more than 80 pilots in this counter-event and counted 140 kills not assisted by CONCORD. Mechanoid Kryten said: “If all the carebears of New Eden stood up instead of docking up, we would be able to stop Hulkageddon, but I have no belief that will occur. What matters most to me is that piots see there is a resistance."

The first place prize of 1.35billion ISK and an Ashimmu blueprint was awarded to Amael Galenus. There was 500 million ISK of that prize was apart to be awarded only if the winner killed more than ten pilots. Amael almost had it all in a single moment when he had the good fortune of watching several Destroyer class vessels deploy from an Orca in preparation for a mining belt assault. He approached the fleet and smartbombed, nearly securing the 10-kill achievement in a single blow. In regards to the success of GrieferGeddon, Amael said: “I can say with full confidence that GrieferGeddon has saved a few ships and it does make the life of the Hulkageddoners that little bit inconvenient and uncomfortable.”

Mechanoid Kryten recognises that the statistics of the GrieferGeddon only amount to one tenth of that of Hulkageddon IV. However, stats are not what the event is about. The way that GrieferGeddon gives back to the community is by encouraging miners who would otherwise be holed up for an entire week. An anonymous fan expressed: “GrieferGeddon really gave me something good, in the literal sense, to focus on.”

The next GrieferGeddon promises to be even bigger. Prizes are already being pledged in amounts greater than this latest event. Mechanoid Kryten believes that the inclusion of transport and industrial ships as targets for Hulkageddon will also help drive more pilots into participating in the next GrieferGeddon.

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