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Guristas pirates retreat completely from Crielere after latest assault is thwarted

2004-02-05 - 작성자 Svarthol

After a temporary lull in fighting, Guristas pirates launched a new wave of attacks on the Crielere compound today. The research lab is being defended by a brave multinational force summoned by the scientists holding out in the compound. Swarms of missiles could be seen closing in on defenders as the final pirate ships retreated from the war zone.

The defensive force seems to have driven the Guristas into the neighboring system of Rancer. Considerable pirate forces have also been spotted in the Miroitem system. The pirates are thought to be consolidating their forces and preparing for a final assault on the compound. Military analysts have estimated that Guristas will stay out of Crielere “for several days” while they gather enough strength to take out the brave defenders of Crielere. A spokesman for the Gallente Federation Navy was quoted as saying “these are brave people. The scientists seem to be in good hands. We wish them the best of luck”. The Federation Navy has orders to stay out of the conflict and Navy ships are nowhere to be seen at this former hub of Gallente innovation.

Communications with the facility has been limited as the resident science crew is scrambling to repair damages to the central fission core in order to contain the volatile morphite plasma being researched there. There are reports of several crew casualties. After hours of pounding by pirate missiles yesterday, a sector of the lab lost power and started leaking oxygen. It was hastily sealed but in the ensuing chaos several research assistants were forgotten and were left inside as the oxygen was transferred to the undamaged parts of the facility. Among them was the young Quafe Intellectual Merit awardee Kaiman Gunaris, a mathematical genius famous for proving the millennia-old Ki-Pi conjecture.

The Gallentean Institute of Practical Mathematics has issued a statement where it regrets this “totally unnecessary waste of human life” and calls for Crielere lead scientists Henric Touvolle and Taromi Umailen to “give in to the grim facts of life and abandon this failed experiment in academic optimism”. “Gunaris gave this society so much and could have given more, had it not been for the stubbornness and intellectual pride of senior scientists who should have known better”.