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Multiple Sansha attacks reported; low security population left devastated

2010-11-27 - 작성자 Svarthol

BREAKING NEWS: Yulai - CONCORD has reported to media outlets across the cluster that Sansha's Nation has just undertaken three separate attacks in the systems of Leran, Uedama and Esescama. In a separate press release, local authorities in Pashanai reported that the entire population of neighboring Leran IV had been taken captive aboard Sansha dropships.

Capsuleer resistance was reported to be heavy in both high security systems, but eyewitness accounts from Leran claim that there was little resistance in the dangers of low security space. One pilot claimed in an anonymous report that Sansha's Nation had deployed two Chimera-class carriers to the field, and were being assisted by a group of Sansha loyalist capsuleers, who had an Archon-class carrier of their own.

Over the course of the next two hours, unopposed dropships devastated the local population. At this moment only a few hundred survivors have been discovered from a population originally exceeding one million people.

The attacks in Leran were quickly followed by invasions of Uedama and Esescama. The SSoE has placed an initial estimate on abductees at 4,000,000 citizens in Uedama, but claims that these figures are based on data still being compiled. Sister Renori, one of the SSoE local representatives for the Uedama system, stated that these attacks were some of the most savage yet.

Capsuleers from the battle at Uedama were reporting Nation battleship squadrons numbering in the hundreds, easily matching the 350 pilots assembled to meet the Sansha threat. SSoE reports listed casualties from two planets, Uedama II and VII, with the former being the most heavily hit. Capsuleers who followed from Leran stated that after the Sansha had completed their attack there they relocated to Uedama VII to support the invasion, increasing the count of abductees marginally.

More information is still being acquired on the Esescama attack, as well as the full extent of the damage dealt to the populations of Uedama and Leran. National leaders and local politicians are expected to address their respective constituents as soon as the immediate humanitarian crisis is over.