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Ruomo Corporations Express Approval of New Stargate Construction

2008-10-05 - 작성자 Svarthol

A group of Caldari corporations with interests in the Ruomo constellation yesterday announced their approval of the Caldari State's decision to construct new stargate links in the Maurasi system. The consortium, led by shipping company Prompt Delivery, was concerned with the adverse business effects of growing traffic levels in the Jita system. Prompt Delivery was joined in their efforts by several other corporations with operations in the constellation, including Expert Housing, the Science and Trade Institute, and the Minmatar manufacturer Core Complexion. Over the course of several months, the group presented its case and submitted plans to reduce the logistical difficulties caused by the requirement to transit the Jita system in order to reach the Ruomo constellation. Their efforts included reports detailing the feasibility and profitability of gates built to access the Itamo system.

Despite some initial opposition to Prompt Delivery's efforts, the final solution appears to have been well received by all corporations in the constellation. Perkone had expressed concerns that the group's efforts would result in the rerouting of the link between Itamo and Maurasi, leaving the manufacturer's facilities farther away from the lucrative Jita trade hub.

Caldari government officials have released a statement regarding the new stargate construction, but declined to indicate if the group's efforts played a part in the layout decision. "These new stargates should meet the approval of all travelers. We are proud to host the greatest commercial market in history, but we are not blind to the difficulty it can sometimes cause for travel," the statement read. "Therefore, we are proud to invest in improvements to our stargate network to ensure a better travel experience for those coming to the State."