Summon the Swarm | EVE Online

Summon the Swarm

2021-09-29 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Brave Capsuleers,

Brace yourselves to open the portal to a new form of capital gameplay coming to New Eden! The CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon is a deployable that has been developed for use by Capsuleers to aid in the research of the increasing number of aggressive Rogue Drones appearing around the cluster.

Taking this device into Lowsec or Nullsec will allow you to anchor it where it will attempt to scan for data on nearby Rogue Drone threats. If the scan completes you will be handsomely rewarded! However, beware of local rogue drones who may try to destroy your beacon before it gathers any intel.

A CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon can be anchored by any ship, but must be linked to by a ship capable of supporting its operation - a dreadnought, carrier, supercarrier, or titan. During the powering up phase, the beacon will utilise power from the supporting capital, rendering it stationary for a time. After this powering-up phase, the supporting capital is freed from immobilisation. The beacon will now activate and broadcast a signal calculated to be attractive to the Rogue Drone hordes hunting for technology to salvage.

There will be more information about this deployable soon, but you can discover the feature yourself today on Singularity. So make sure you head over to the test server to try out this exciting new content and leave any feedback you have in the forum thread!

Get ready Capsuleers. Fit your capitals and prepare yourself to summon the swarm!