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Syndicate and Cloud Ring shaken by yet another war!

2003-12-12 - 작성자 Svarthol

Syndicate: Pirate-infested but full of potential. In the eyes of many corporations on the border of empire space, the whole region is little more than a route to richer pastures in the Cloud Ring region and beyond. Endless small skirmishes escalate into huge wars, often involving some of the most feared combat pilots of our galaxy.

These two regions are largely recognized as unclaimed, perhaps due to the fact that no organization is believed to be able to hold on to them. Yet there are alliances of like-minded individuals here, quietly gathering in the outer fringes of inhabited space.

Now, upper Syndicate has become a warzone once more, with reported battles of dozens of battlehips slugging it out in 2P-4LS and nearby systems, the combatants are being the Outer Ring Society and Arcadia Alliance.

It is unclear exactly how the war started. Neither of the alliances are known to be particularly militant, and both claim to fight against all pirate activity. However, the root of the conflict seems to stem from Arcadia being accused by the ORS of harboring pirate supporters.

Umlat, the official ORS spokesman stated the following during a press conference hosted by the Arcadia Alliance:
"All honest corporations willing to split from [Arcadia] will be allowed to operate in the area, just as any other non pirate corporation [has been allowed]."
About Arcadia themselves, he had the following to say: "...they are corrupt and using smoke and mirrors to try and hide it. We are going to remove them from this side of the map. Either us, or Fountain Alliance and us or FA, Evolution and us."

Representatives from the Arcadia alliance, whose alliance had been fighting against the well-known Evolution corporation last week, denied all involvements with pirates.
"Arcadia never allowed any pirate to go anywhere, we allowed them to taste our broadsides." said Soulchaser, a member of Arcadia.
"The accusations against Arcadia are MORE than vague. No proof has been offered, except for hearsay and Umlat's word." said Stue, the Arcadian who moderated the conference.

ORS has demanded that Arcadia either disband or join them. Or in Umlat's words: "If not, then we are going to assume the rumors are true."

Unsurprisingly, Arcadia declined. Although some members expressed the pointlessness of the war, they did not seem to take to the ultimatum. An anonymous Arcadian pilot commented that Arcadia and ORS had been living in peace for a long time, and wasn't sure if all the corporations of the ORS (who outnumber Arcadia in manpower allegedly ten to one) were actually willing to go to war against them. This remains to be seen.

The cease-fire that had been hurredly signed for these negotiations is officially over. CONCORD warns all corporations to travel through the warzone, and wishes to remind pilots that this is well out of empire space - and the protection of police vessels.