2-for-1 offer on Multiple Character Training | EVE Online

2-for-1 offer on Multiple Character Training

2017-09-15 - By CCP Phantom

Train ALL your characters on your EVE Online account with just one multiple character training (MCT)

  • Buy one MCT, get training on two extra characters!
  • Train all three characters on your account
  • Purchase the offer as many times you want
  • Available for Alpha and Omega accounts
  • Offer valid only until 17 September

This offer is a great opportunity to prepare for EVE Online: Lifeblood (training new industry skills) and to strengthen all your alt characters.

Go to the account management page and purchase as many MCT as you want (the offer is only available through your account management page, not in the New Eden Store or in-game).

Please note that MCT does not change your account status from Alpha to Omega.