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20th Anniversary deals

2023-05-05 - By EVE Online Team
Tax haven for CapsuleersCapsuleer Elite XX SKINs EDENCOM SKIN SALE

Capsuleer Day XX festivities are underway, pilots! 

Make the most of these celebrations with special deals on PLEX, New Eden’s premiere spacefaring currency.  

Claim brand-new Gilded Predator SKINs as a bonus with packs of 500 PLEX or more and take advantage of a 20% discount for packs of 3000 PLEX and above in recognition of the 20th anniversary. 

This celebratory sale runs from 5–9 May, allowing you to claim: 

  • 500 PLEX + Drake Gilded Predator SKIN 

  • 1000 PLEX + Gila Gilded Predator SKIN 

  • 1500 PLEX + Ishtar Gilded Predator SKIN 

  • 3000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, and Eagle SKINs – 20% off 

  • 6000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, Eagle, and Ishtar SKINs – 20% off 

  • 12000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, Eagle, Ishtar, and Raven SKINs – 20% off 

  • 20000 PLEX + Drake, Gila, Eagle, Ishtar, Raven, and Megathron SKINs – 20% off 

Claim Capsuleer Day PLEX Deals

Tax haven for Capsuleers

Returning for 2023 is the Tax Haven, bringing pilots a 50% reduction in sales tax cluster-wide on New Eden's markets!

Capsuleers who have yet to train Accounting skill will see their sales tax reduced from 8% to 4% making this the perfect time to sell PLEX from your Vault or any other items your fellow empyreans may covet at maximum profit.

Please see below for the exact sales tax that will be applied based on your Accounting skill level:

  • 4.00% without the Accounting skill trained

  • 3.56% at level 1

  • 3.12% at level 2

  • 2.68% at level 3

  • 2.24% at level 4

  • 1.80% at level 5

The sales tax reduction ends at 11:00 UTC on 9 May, so get trading!

Capsuleer Elite XX SKINs

From 5–9 May, pilots can also grab a 20% discount on Omega bundled with new Capsuleer Elite XX SKINs for four iconic ships in-game in the New Eden Store!

The following bundles are available in the NES:

3 Months Omega + Apocalypse Navy Issue Capsuleer Elite XX SKIN
6 Months Omega + Megathron Navy Issue Capsuleer Elite XX SKIN
12 Months Omega + Scorpion Navy Issue Capsuleer Elite XX SKIN
24 Months Omega + Avatar Capsuleer Elite XX SKIN


As part of the annual celebrations that recognise the foundation of The Eden Common Defence Initiative military faction – better known as EDENCOM – the eye-catching Bluestar Defender ship SKINs are returning on 8 May at a discounted price. Single SKINs from the line are available at 40% off in the New Eden Store, while a bundle containing three Bluestar Defender SKINs has a 50% reduction on its regular price. The offer ends 15 May, so be sure not to miss out.

Jump into the Third Decade – we’ll see you in space!