2v2 Interceptor Clash | EVE Online

2v2 Interceptor Clash

2021-10-01 - By EVE Online Team

Maverick Capsuleers,

Rush into intense two-on-two combat in the Proving Grounds, flying in tandem alongside a partner in intense Interceptor combat against an opposing pair of victory-driven pilots in this new Abyssal Proving Ground event!

This event begins at 11:00 UTC on 1 October, and runs until 11:00 on 5 October.

The ruleset for the event is as follows:

  • Malediction, Crusader, Crow, Raptor, Ares, Taranis, Stiletto and Claw may enter
  • Modules and drones are limited to meta level 5
  • No pirate implants allowed

Fit your ship, find a partner, and grab your filaments – available in Abyssal bioadaptive caches, in NPC wrecks in Pochven, and on the in-game market. Prepare for a battle for high-speed superiority as you and your teammate climb the Proving Ground leaderboards, striving for glory and earning special rewards!