30.000 PCU barrier broken (2006-09-04 19:36 = 30.538) | EVE Online

30.000 PCU barrier broken (2006-09-04 19:36 = 30.538)

2006-09-04 - By CCP Hellmar

Wow, this sure was nice of ya'll! (as the crew back at Texas Memory Systems would say).

If topping 30.000 Peak Concurrent Users wasn't enough, you chose to do this on the same day my daughter turned 3 years old and Oveur turned 30. Excellent timing, thank you so much for that.

It so happened we had some EVE Champagne at the office (a case had been sent over by the EON crew on EON's one year birthday) so we just had a nice toasting at the office.

This event sent me searching down memory lane, when we had a tad fewer EVE players.

Oveur is spending his birthday flying to AGC to represent and keep it real, we are attempting contacting the pilot of the Iceland Air plane with the hopes of the pilot announcing, "Oveur, calling Mr. Oveur, EVE Online just topped 30k PCU, we have a stewardess coming over with some Champagne!" Hopefully, we can get through and Oveur will enjoy the surprise.

  • Hellmar