51,675 Pilots: 50k PCU Barrier Smashed | EVE Online

51,675 Pilots: 50k PCU Barrier Smashed

2009-02-09 - By Svarthol

Due in large to the Alliance Tournament VI finale this weekend, the PCU (Peak Concurrent User) record was broken the third time this year with 51,675 pilots logging in to the single-shard world that is EVE Online. That's well above the previous record of 48,065 and signifies the largest PCU jump we've ever had to break the 50k milestone.

In addition, recent goings on between major player Alliances, a vengeance-fueled assassination during last weekend's Tournament rounds and general excitement about the impending release of EVE Online: Apocrypha have all combined to energize just about everyone--players, the CCP Dev Team, media and people who have never even encountered EVE before but are now quite curious.

Like always the true credit goes to you, the players, who give EVE the unmeasurable depth that makes it unique. Thank you.