64-bit client transition complete | EVE Online

64-bit client transition complete

2020-01-24 - By The EVE Development Team

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In May 2019, the 64-bit client open beta for EVE Online was announced and it went live a few days later. Although this was opt-in, over half of EVE’s players activated within four months which was well above our expectations.

Then in September the 64-bit client was made the default with the results being closely monitored.

The transition away from the 32-bit client is now fully complete and the EVE community deserves an enormous "thank you" for all the valuable feedback provided during the opt-in phase and beyond. The 64-bit client ensures that EVE Online can continue to grow, while also reducing the development time associated with maintaining two clients.

Sunsetting of the 32-bit client will take effect from Wednesday, 26 February.

Our metrics data shows a small number of users were on 64-bit capable hardware but still running a 32-bit operating system. In these cases we would encourage people to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system where possible.

We’ll be raising the minimum memory specification for the client to be 4GB as a result of the move to 64-bit. We're also taking the opportunity to update the space requirements to 23GB to match the additional game content that has been added in the past year.

Our ongoing investment into our technical infrastructure, such as this transition to the 64-bit client and upcoming support for DirectX 12, is all a part CCP's commitment to EVE Online into the future.