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Adash Korta convicted of defying an Imperial Edict by altering records

2009-01-08 - By Svarthol

Dakba - Adash Korta, one of the Amarr Empire's largest slaveholders, has been found guilty of heresy for defying Empress Jamyl I's edict freeing all Minmatar slaves of 9th generation and up. The conviction comes following a week-long investigation by the Ministry of Internal Order into discrepancies on a quarter of a million genealogical slave records submitted by Korta.

The Ministry announced that of those records submitted with discrepancies, approximately 100,000 were discovered to impact the status of the slaves. Further investigation by the MIO revealed that the discrepancies were "willful alterations perpetrated under the order of Adash Korta to deny approximately a hundred thousand slaves their rightful freedom as granted by Imperial Edict." The Ministry characterized the alterations as "clever and well-disguised changes hidden among a much larger number of accounting and recording errors."

Following the conclusion of its investigation, the MIO immediately arrested Korta. Shortly thereafter the Theology Council issued its ruling on Korta's fate, condemning him to slavery and stripping his family of all rank and privilege in the Empire. The judgment from presiding Justice Fimin read in part, "As you attempted to deny freedom to those who had rightly earned it through generations of servitude, so too shall you be denied freedom. As you attempted to demolish the lineage of thousands of families, so too shall your family's lineage be eliminated."

The Ardishapur Family, to whom the Korta Family was a vassal, has announced that Holder Ardin Tarpur shall assume the title of Holder of Dakba, while the family's assets - including its remaining 400,000 slaves - shall be divided up between the Tarpur Family and other lesser Dakba holders.