Alert – Action Required by Structure Operators Before February Release on 2018/02/13 | EVE Online

Alert – Action Required by Structure Operators Before February Release on 2018/02/13

2018-02-12 - By CCP Falcon

As was initially announced in this news item, there are many points to note for tomorrow’s release of the Upwell Structures 2.0 Update with the February Release.

Capsuleers who are operating structure should read this news item, and the previous one which gave initial warning, and ensure that they’ve made all necessary preparations for the deployment of these changes.

The full details of everything included in this update can be found in this devblog, but there are a few important reminders for structure owners and operators:

  1. We strongly encourage all structure operators to pre-set new reinforcement day and hour values for their structure before the patch deployment tomorrow if they haven’t already done so. Structure reinforcement day and hour values can be pre-set through the right click menu in the “My Structures” tab of the structure browser (the same place where you can change the old style vulnerability windows). All structures that do not have a pre-set reinforcement day and time by the downtime of February 13th will have their reinforcement day and time set to Saturday at 18:00 EVETime. The reinforcement day and time can be pre-set as often as you want before the patch with no delay, but after the patch downtime new changes to the day and time will require 7 days to take effect. If you do not pre-set a reinforcement day and hour for your structure before the patch downtime tomorrow, your structure will automatically be set to the default of Saturday at 18:00.

  2. After the release, Upwell Structures without an online Service Module will be considered in low power mode, have decreased shield and armor hitpoints and have one less reinforcement cycle. To ensure your Structures defenses remain at their strongest, we advise you to ensure that at least one Service Module is online before the update.

  3. Changes are being made to the taxation of Asset Safety, including moving items between structures within the same system. Please note: retrieving items from Asset Safety after release will always incur a charge, even if moved within the same system. This also applies to items placed into Asset Safety before this release. We therefore urge you to deliver all Asset Safety items before Tuesday February 13th 11:00 UCT to avoid any unexpected tolls.

A significant percentage of structure owners in New Eden are yet to complete the necessary preparations despite multiple prompts to do so.

Please ensure your structures are taken care of with the above points in mind before tomorrow's release.