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Alliance PvP Tournament - Day Five

2006-07-25 - By Svarthol

The final day of the group stages was one marred by the most forfeits in the competition, but those games that did go ahead provided some firsts for the Tournament.

Saturday saw the first tied game of the tournament between Ascendant Frontier and Electus Matari which ended with no kills on either side. While Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate surprised commentators with a deliberate loss against Kaos Empire, in an apparent attempt to manipulate the tournament in their favour and fight Band of Brothers in the finals.

Veritas Immortalis and Fate Weaves finally kicked proceedings off in a winner-takes-all match; with -V- qualifying for the second round despite losing their Basilisk to a warp drive malfunction. Red Alliance refused to risk a third Bhaalgorn versus Band of Brothers and forfeited the match.

Ushra'Khan was only able to field two pilots for their fifth match against Stain- Alliance who provided their opponents with a two versus two fight despite having a full team. Stain- Alliance won the match two kills to no losses.

Mercenary Coalition defeated Chorus of Dawn in an awesome display of firepower whilst Lotka Volterra earned a time-out win over NORAD, the latter finishing with their Navy Issue Apocalypse intact. OXIDE also won their first game of the tournament against Goonswarm in the final group D match.

The Red Skull won their match five ships to two against Prime Orbital Systems while The SUdden Death Squad defeated Fountain Alliance after the latter entered the arena with only three pilots.

Exuro Mortis qualified for the Second Round by outgunning Axiom Empire in a time-out win. Apparently unsure as to whether their Raven or Zealot would be focussed on, Axiom Empire provided shield support to the Zealot and this ultimately proved to be their downfall.

T R U S T won the final match of the day four ships to two against Kaos Empire after the latter fielded only four vessels. The result split Group G three ways with three teams on nine points and it was to be Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate and Kaos Empire that advanced to the second round.