Alliance Tournament XIV: Weekend Two Starts Tomorrow | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament XIV: Weekend Two Starts Tomorrow

2016-10-07 - By CCP Logibro

The first weekend of Alliance Tournament IXV saw a total of 40 teams go home, with a number of close matches and rare ships put on the line. You can watch a number of the matches from the EVE_NT broadast on their Youtube channel here: Day 1 Day 2

Now only 24 teams remain, and each of them will be giving all they can to make sure they reach the third weekend of the tournament. So while they prepare for battle, make sure you prepare to tune in at tomorrow (2016-10-08) from 15:00UTC to watch them fight it out, guided by our expert commentators. If you're not familiar with our commentator team for this year, we've arranged for them to introduce themselves:

The full schedule for this weekend is available on the EVE Online Community website, along with the tournament brackets. We'll see you on stream at 15:00 UTC tomorrow.

Just remember: The best ship, is Championship.