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Alliance Tournament 8 Prizes Awarded

2010-07-19 - By Svarthol


G-G78S, Curse – After some protests over delays, the prizes for Alliance Tournament 8 winner Pandemic Legion and runners up HYDRA RELOADED, Darkside and WE FORM VOLTRON have been awarded.

Pandemic Legion [-10] team member Fintroll commented on the prize award delays stating “This is the third year running that Pandemic Legion has won the Alliance Tournament. In the previous years we have had much worse trouble receiving our prizes; including a time we placed but did not win I believe the wait times we endured were 6 months, 4 months, and 3 months respectively. I'm not sure why it's such a struggle every year to get us our prizes. [The Tournament organization] has to be aware that someone is going to win every time and is going to be anxious to get a hold of their rewards. Every other tournament in the known universe, awards are ready to be handed out before the tournament ends, and given out immediately after.”

Pandemic Legion received 50 Adrestia Heavy Assault Cruiser ships, a Gold Medal for each participant and 50 Billion ISK for their victory. Fintroll added that he believes these ships “will have great value in Alliance Tournament IX, which of course we are going to win.” Regarding current plans, the alliance is now reportedly “breezing our way through the Southeast nullsec regions, burning and pillaging as we go. After our successful contract in Delve, Pandemic Legion has entered the mercenary business. While we lack anything resembling morals or mercy, for a modest fee we could be your friends.”

Second place HYDRA RELOADED [HYDRA] received 50 Utu Assault Frigates, a Silver Medal for each participant and 25 Billion ISK. Team member Suitonia explained that “the prizes were delayed by about 3 weeks, [leading to protests] in Jita and making some noise... the fact that it took a public outcry of that magnitude is a pretty sad state of affairs.” Team Captain Count MonteCarlo added “it was frustrating to say the least, if only Claw kept to his own standard after the Tournament was over... I don’t want to whine too much because Claw did a great job overall. I have to apologize to the public that was a victim to our [protests].”

HYDRA gave an Utu frigate to “all to the people who were most active in the Tournament team... a lesser prize money to those who contributed but not as much [and] plan to sell the remaining Utus slowly, so we can profit from them as much as possible.” Pilots awarded with one of the rare Utu frigates were: fmercury, raimo, knife, ched, endless subversion, rhak amharr, xxangelxx, leeloo manaquin, antoine lefevre, morel nova, hei'di, Gobbins, barek ironfist, CYVOK, Awox, suitonia and thrashpower.

HYDRA divulged that their alliance also used the rare ships to “open an Utu Bond secured by Chribba which allowed us to get some quick ISK at our disposal while we sell some of them” and also pointed out that “one of the Utus is a lottery prize.” Count MonteCarlo stated that “we're planning on keeping some for the next Tournament and also some for general [combat], the thing can point at 75km which is insane for a frigate.”

After the Tournament, HYDRA’s Johan Moisander explained that “Leadership [decided] that growing and conquering some space might be a fun and new experience for us, as we have mostly been a roaming alliance up to this point... and as such we have decided to mimic [the original] Hydra's recruitment policy, namely accepting anyone who applies.” Count MonteCarlo added “we're mass recruiting because we want to invade Providence with Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA]. When CVA owned Providence, Providence was unlike any other region, CVA had a reason to defend their space, and they did, they did it all the time, there was ALLWAYS a fight to be had, no matter who their enemy was, they would bring it, but the new residents are nothing like CVA... I want CVA to take Providence back, [New Eden] is not as much fun without it.”

Commenting on next year’s Tournament, Suitonia added “This was the first Tournament for many members; hopefully with the experience we will be able to beat the elite undisputed champions, Pandemic Legion next year.” Intigo concluded by adding “Shout out to [Count MonteCarlo] & Gobbins for an amazing work on bringing us so far. Considering what a bunch of idiots they had to work with it's a wonder we got second!” Admiral Goberius’s Utu will add to his prize ship collection that includes a Mimir from his Alliance Tournament VII participation on Pandemic Legion’s winning team.

Third place Darkside alliance won a Bronze Medal for each participant and 25 Billion ISK while WE FORM VOLTRON in fourth place was awarded 10 Billion ISK.

Count MonteCarlo expressed his views on next year's Tournament by stating that his team “has been relaxing and just doing casual [combat]. For next year, we hope to win, we will practice more, we will theory craft more, we will spend as much ISK as PL did (this year we only spent 5b on the Tournament, PL easily 10x that, maybe even 20x), we will have more specialized [pilots] and next year we'll be better at dealing with [espionage] and hopefully have a lot more setups to use, I'm a lot more confident in winning next year than I did this year, but for me, winning 50 Utus is good enough... PL deserved to win this year, the amount of effort and ISK they put into this is unreal, I'm sure next year they'll put even more into it... PL got to the finals and didn’t win on their first attempt, same with us, next year we will win.”

On Alliance Tournament IX and the hopes and expectations of this year’s runner up teams, three times Tournament winner Pandemic Legion member Fintroll stated: “I can hear you knocking but you can’t come in.”

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