Alliance Tournament 8 - The Final Showdowns | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament 8 - The Final Showdowns

2010-06-17 - By Svarthol

Its time, the finale of the EVE Online Alliance Tournament will be broadcast LIVE this weekend via EVE TV on the 19th and 20th from 14:50 GMT. CCP is giving away 50 unique ships to both the first and second place teams, as well as 50 Billion ISK to the winners. Check out this dev blog for more information! You can join CCP Soundwave, special Developer guests and a host of PVP Experts in our studio show and watch all the matches each day in glorious High Definition. You can tune in here to catch all the action and catch all past matches on CCP'S Youtube Page. You can also head on over to our Alliance Tournament Discussion channel and join us on Tournament Twitter and Facebook.  If this wasn't exiting enough, check out the new Mitchell and Webb inspired parody teaser. Watch the Spaceship, WATCH IT!!