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Alliance Tournament Announced

2006-05-29 - By Svarthol

Yesterday morning, the Caldari Gaming Commission announced that they are organizing a second alliance tournament. Scheduled to start on the 15th of July, the tournament will be held over two consecutive weekends.

The first of the Alliance Tournaments, held late last December, was a smashing success for the Caldari Gaming Commission, now considered leaders in the field. Commission head Airas Sukela, speaking on this next round, has been quoted as saying “the rules of combat haven’t changed much from the first tournament, but with the extra time alliances have this time around we’re hoping there will be no easy victories. This is not a tournament for the faint of heart.”

The CGC tournament gained popularity among the capsuleer community for its unique rule of allowing capsuleer entrants only, a decision that resulted in violent and tactical matches between teams whose daily bread and butter is combat. In addition, business-savvy capsuleers like Tornsoul, CEO of the BIG Corporation and one of the most well-known entrepreneurs of today, took the tournament as an opportunity to organise a betting pool for the capsuleer community. The actual winnings turned out slim because the favourite, Band of Brothers, ended up taking the tournament. However, had Kaos Empire – the runners-up – won, anyone betting a 100 million on them would have received a payout of about 9 billion. Few non-capsuleer sporting events today see these kinds of betting sums.

The general expectations for the second tournament are even higher, as it’s been announced well in advance, giving people who wish to participate all the time they need to train and prepare. It also allows the bookmakers to organise their system. They expect to see more bets and a general higher payoff as a result. TornSoul, however, believes that people won’t be guided by numbers only and looking to make a fortune.

“People bet for two reasons,” she said, “firstly because they hope the team will win (when the team is made up of their own alliance mates or close friends) and secondly because they think the team will win.” She went on to add that while some people preferred to spread the risk, it was “quite interesting last time when the heavy betters were also the 'smart' betters, as they spread out their betting on 3-6 different teams.”

The alliance tournament, in the eyes of many, has taken on more importance than anyone would have guessed initially. Professor Kiyudas Tsalmaki, Lecturer in Emergent Warfare Analysis at the State War Academy, has stated that “winning your matches fast and efficiently can determine how organised, lethal and merciless your alliance is perceived to be. These are characteristics that matter when your enemies are assessing your alliance and gauging your strength. To show weakness could result in an invasion." If there ever was a place to make an impression, it is at this tournament; everyone expects teams to be fitted with the best modules money can buy, and several teams have been formed already.

For further information and details on the rules and regulations, please look here.