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Alliance Tournament Six Begins This Weekend!

2009-01-23 - By Svarthol

The Sixth Alliance Tournament is now upon us! This weekend the 24th & 25th of January will be the first of 3 weekend's worth of action with 64 teams all competing to become the Eve Alliance Champions!

Matches will start at 15:00 Eve Time (GMT) on both Saturday & Sunday and will go on into the evening finishing around 21:00. To hear our commentary simply join the in game channel "Alliance Tournament" to listen in with Eve Voice OR you can tune in to various radio shows bringing you all our commentary and adding their own slice of Eve knowledge, discussion and music!

Visit //, // and // to tune in to those shows at 15:00 Eve Time!

All this and more information can be found on the Alliance Tournament forums including a specific how to tune in guide.

Enjoy the show!