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Alliance Tournament V : Day Five : Matches 73-80

2008-03-08 - By Svarthol

Welcome to Day Five of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Continuing our rundown of the matches from day five, we now bring you a review of the last eight matches of the day.

Match 73: Exa Nation Vs United Corporations Against Macros

With neither team having the points to go through to the final 16, there was little riding on this match. UCAM knew this all too well, fielding a fairly experimental setup.

Exa Nation: 3 Caracals | Rupture | 6 Thorax
United Corporations Against Macros: 2 Drakes | 6 Blackbirds

With only one Caracal lost as they tore through the Blackbirds, Exa Nation never really looked troubled by the UCAM team. They took down the Blackbirds quickly before moving on to the heavily-tanked Drakes, taking them out with no further losses.

Match 74: The Church. Vs The Fourth District

A match to decide who would proceed to the Finals, The Church. fielded the same team they’d used before and found that The Fourth District had come prepared. The Caldari loyalists make it through to the Final 16 with a cleverly-acheived totalhelldeath.

The Church.: 4 Deimos | Rook | 4 Griffin
The Fourth District: 2 Dominix | 2 Guardians | Ishkur

At first glance it looked grim for 4TH as they faced down a team that had already shown the capability to break dual-logistics teams. As one of their Guardians hit half armor, it looked all over. Pilot Ladel Terevada confirmed that the other Guardian piloted by Yoshito Sanders had been permanently jammed the whole fight. However, local repairs and later, the repairs from the Dominix managed to keep them alive in face of the ECM onslaught. As their own Drones started taking down Griffins and troubled a Deimos, the fight quickly swung back in 4TH’s favor. The field was cleared of ECM and a Deimos fell quickly afterwards as the others hit armor. It was all over very quickly for The Church. and a decisive victory from The Fourth District.

Match 75: Atlas Alliance Vs The Five

Another match without importance for the finals that had a team opt for the 10 Blackbird formation.

Atlas Alliance: 10 Blackbirds
The Five: 3 Astartes | Comet | 6 Griffins

With far too many ships to jam, Atlas was unable to shut down The Five’s team and found themselves quickly and totally annihilated. It was all rather textbook for The Five, who’d come out ready for a challenge and had no trouble whatsoever dispatching their enemies.

Match 76: Ev0ke Vs Divine 0rder

It was a match to determine who would be playing who in the finals, as both teams had already qualified in the final 16. Ev0ke came away with a points win.

Ev0ke: Raven | Scorpion | 2 Basilisks | 2 Vigils
Divine 0rder: Megathron | 2 Guardians | Blackbird | Rapier | Rifter

With both teams fielding strong double-logistics formations and very weak damage output, it looked like there would be little in the way of losses at the beginning. Evoke’s missile-heavy team was unable to switch targets effectively and DOA’s Megathron and Rapier wasn’t able to bring enough damage to threaten much beyond the single Vigil which they dropped. Late in the match Ev0ke forced their way past the logistics chain and managed to drop a Blackbird and with less than a minute took down a Rifter as well.

Match 77: RONA Alliance Vs United Legion

United Legion set themselves up as the top-placed in their group for the finals with yet another win, this time against a rather strange setup fielded from RONA.

RONA Alliance: Basilisk | 2 Caracal | 2 Thorax | Omen | Rupture | 2 Hounds
United Legion: Maelstrom | 2 Scorpions | Basilisk

The Maelstrom simply tore through the Cruisers and Bombers as time went on, dispatching them with ease as RONA didn’t manage to threaten their opponents. First to drop was a Rupture, which was rapidly followed by the Hounds and then the Thorax. From there they mopped up the Caracal and Basilisk. UNL came away with slow but sure totalhelldeath that makes them one of the highest-scoring teams of the tournament.

Match 78: HUN Reloaded Vs Nebula Rasa

A very tight points tussle for second placement in the group and hence the Final 16; the reigning champions HUN Reloaded came out with a win and a finals placement.

HUN Reloaded: 2 Basilisks | Curse | Rook | 2 Caracals
Nebula Rasa: Dominix | Guardian | 2 Ishtars | Curse

With the Guardian and Basilisk under heavy fire from their enemies, it was a long, drawn out match that looked headed towards a stalemate. Each team had their close moments, with a HUN Basilisk being taken into low shields before recovering. Next was the Nebula Rasa Guardian which dipped into hull before repairing its armor back. It didn’t stay that way long however, eventually dropping under pressure from the Rook’s ECM. Next was the Curse to fall, then the Dominix as Nebula Rasa was removed from the tournament.

Match 79: KIA Alliance Vs R0ADKILL

KIA advanced to the finals with a decisive victory over Roadkill, grabbing themselves a finals placement in the tournament.

KIA Alliance: 2 Megathron | 3 Maulus | 4 Griffins
R0ADKILL: Abaddon | Megathron | 2 Guardians | Griffins

With a strong team in place to counter the commonly fielded dual-logistics formation, KIA managed to ECM their way into an advantage, capitalizing on a jammed Guardian to drop the other one. Having first dropped the Roadkill support, they were free to remove the Guardians from the field with ECM interference. The rest of their opponents fell under savage Megathron fire as it tore through them unimpeded.

Match 80: eXceed. Vs Ushra'Khan

Ushra’Khan were eliminated from the tournament by a solidly fielded team from eXceed, who cut them down brutally.

eXceed.: 5 Ishtar | 5 Rifter
Ushra'Khan: Kronos | 2 Typhoons | 2 Kitsune

Exceed will take top placement in their group for the finals matches, having dispatched the Ushra’Khan pilots from the field with vicious drone swarms. First to drop was the Typhoon which fell very quickly, suggesting it wasn’t tanked to deal with the damage output coming its way. As everything fell down around the Kronos, it was left to face the full eXceed team, who came away with a totalhelldeath. Commenting on their tactics after the match, Ushra'Khan's Sapphrine stated they had come prepared for slow-moving, dual-logistics setups and had been unpleasantly surprised by the nano-Ishtar tactics of their opponents.

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