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Alliance Tournament V : EVE TV Holoreel Match Archive

2008-03-11 - By Svarthol

Now that the Fifth Alliance Tournament has passed, here is an opportunity to watch and reflect on the action.

The EVE TV GalNet holoreel match archive has been updated with footage from all the action packed battles from the six days. Glorious victories, stunning defeats, mediocre stalemates, all are featured here for your enjoyment.

For those without access to a GalNet holoreel viewer you can still catch up by reading all the match reviews from the Interstellar Correspondents tournament team.

And as any veteran observers of the tournament will tell you, it’s about more than just the fights. From political scandals through to insights into the minds of crew aboard the ships competing; the Mercury team archive is where we take a closer look at those who shape the tournament and it’s surrounding issues as much as the elite capsuleer class.

EVE TV GalNet Holoreel Archive - View
News Portal with Match Reviews - View via GalNet or View via IGB
Mercury Political & Faction Coverage - View via GalNet