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Alliance Tournament X random draw results

2012-05-23 - By CCP Navigator

In our penultimate Dev Blog for Alliance Tournament X we wanted to bring you the results of the random draw. On Tuesday, May 22 we visited the new set for this year’s tournament, which is still under construction, and the draw was made by your hosts CCP Soundwave and CCP Sunset. The draw was recorded by CCP Loxy and supervised by CCP Sreegs, CCP Alice and CCP Navigator. In the video below you can see the draw in full and a list of lucky teams is available at the bottom of the blog.

The final 32 teams will be decided though auctions being held on the dates and times below and will be held in the in-game channel ‘Alliance Tournament’. The only eligible bidders at this time will be the CEO of the alliance executor corporation and the Team Captain as nominated in the sign up page.If you did not enter the random draw, your alliance can still participate in the auction but only the CEO of the executor corporation will be eligible to bid. It is important to note that all criteria for entry must be met as per tournament rules and full details of the auction can be found on the auction page. Please note that if your team were entered in the random draw that you are able to use your 10 PLEX for the upcoming auctions. Any additional PLEX will need to be paid immediately once an auction slot is won:

Thursday, May 24th @ 19:00 UTC - 8 slots

Friday, May 25th @ 17:00 UTC - 8 slots

Saturday, May 26th @ 16:00 UTC - 16 slots

Our final blog, due out by the end of next week, will look at the final list of the 64 teams, prizes for the winners and runners up, full schedule of matches and a brand new way for us to stream the tournament. We are very excited about this year’s event and we look forward to seeing your feedback. So below are a list of the first 32 teams as mentioned in the video above:

1. Why So Serious

2. Out of Sight

3. The Veyr Collective

4. RED Overlord

5. Fatal Ascension

6. No Holes Barred

7. Perihelion Alliance

8. Exodus.

9. Babylon 5..

10. RAZOR Alliance

11. Dark Taboo

12. Raiden.

13. The Kadeshi

14. Heretic Nation

15. Kill it with fire

16. Brick Squad

17. Pure Madness.

18. Suddenly Spaceships

19. The Space Police

20. Test Alliance Please Ignore

21. Against ALL Authorities

22. Red vs. Blue

23. Mildly Intoxicated

24. HUN Reloaded

25. Dystopia Alliance

26. The Exiled Ones

27. Northern Coalition.

28. The Gorgon Empire

29. Manifest Destiny

30. ROMANIAN Legion

31. Alpha Volley Union

32. Elysian Empire

The Alliance Tournament X Team

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