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Alliance Tournament XII - Prepare for Round 2

2014-08-21 - By CCP Gargant

Greetings pilots.

Alliance Tournament XII is now in full swing with the second weekend starting on Saturday the 23rd of August at 15:00 UTC. There have been upsets, uncertanties, and excitement along with everything else that makes a tournament great!

Remarkably, CODE. did not show up for their scheduled match against Red vs. Blue nor did they make any attempt to inform the tournament organizers of their status. We have decided to interpret their actions as a sign of resignation from the tournament. As such they have been disqualified from Alliance Tournament XII and CODE. will not be able to enter future Alliance Tournaments.

Circle-Of-Two will thus get a bye in their scheduled match against CODE. on Sunday the 24th and all subsequent matches that day will happen 20 minutes earlier than initially scheduled.

Tune in for an action packed weekend two of Alliance Tournament XII, and remember to use the twitter hashtag #ATXII to discuss the matches.

On behalf of the Tournament Team

  • CCP Gargant