Alliance Tournament XIX - Flagship & Ad Submission Deadline is tomorrow! | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament XIX - Flagship & Ad Submission Deadline is tomorrow!

2023-07-24 - By EVE ONLINE TEAM

With the 19th Alliance Tournament less than a month away now, teams are deep into theory-crafting and testing their "It works on the spreadsheet" compositions via scrimmages with other teams and internal practices. Part of that practice is finding a Flagship that synergizes well with the composition, as well as the challenge of both finding someone with the skills to fly it and hunting down the modules that you wish to supply it with. The last thing you want to happen is for your flagship Raven to end up being equipped with the following: Lazers.

Flagships in the tournament are unique in that teams can bring just a single flagship, but should it meet its demise, it cannot be fielded again. However, where flagships gain their strength is the ability to not only circumvent ban restrictions but also module restrictions, resulting in some very expensive loss mails but also, if the enemy team can execute it well enough, a very tasty wreck to retrieve cargo from to potentially help fund the team or spice up their flagship!

Team captains submit their flagship submissions here - submissions will be closing on 25 July at 23:59 UTC. Later in the week, the full list of Flagships will be listed both over on the EVE Online Tournament section of the forum and in the #at-announcements section of the EVE Online Discord! We look forward to seeing what the teams pick!

Tournament Ad submission

Not all battles are won with better ships or tactics, but winning the hearts and minds of supporters, too. Having the morale to keep going in adversity, or rallying the crowd to cheer your team on to support your path to victory is also an important aspect. How do you do that? Alliance Tournament adverts can help with that!

Submitting an ad can be done on the ad submission page- but we recommend paying close attention to the rules and restrictions listed on the submission page, to maximize the chance for your ad to be played during the broadcast. The deadline for this submission is the same as above – 25 July at 23:59 UTC! However, CCP Zelus will be reaching out to those who have submitted ads that have issues to give submitters a chance to make any adjustments. If you’re working on something too, feel free to submit a placeholder submission as well and we can reach out to you to see if we can make it work!

Look out for another tournament update in the final week leading up to the first Alliance Tournament XIX broadcast weekend (12& 13 August) with all the details of what’s coming!